Martin Rengfjord

eBusiness Manager at TF Bank

Before we started to work with SignWise we had a working process for user authentication and signature validation, but with SignWise we’ve managed to speed up the process quite drastically.

For us, the most important benefactor working with electronic authentication and signatures, is time. Time is a critical aspect for all bank customers.

Pirko Konsa

COO of Estonian Development Fund

Signing documents with numerous parties can be complicated and inconvenient. SignWise has offered us a solution where both frequent users and first time users can give their e-signatures in a simple manner.

Alternative solutions are not as user-friendly and require numerous other steps and operations. Our staff and project managers love to use the service because it saves their time and enables them to monitor how the signing process is progressing. If you're after an e-signing solution that's as easy as signing with pen and paper, equally legally binding and time-saving then SignWise is for you.

Hendrik Roosna

partner at Fusion Varahalduse AS

SignWise has eased our work-flow - the need for sending contracts in mail attachments has vanished. There is also no more agreeing upon the order of who signs the contract first and when.

Thanks to SignWise we can be sure that a document will get a signature and remain unchanged. All signing parties can easily keep track of how far the signing process is. The need for administrating and posting letters has vanished. SignWise has provided us significant savings, upped security and eliminated the risks of potential damages i.e. when a client should try to change anything inside a contract. I would recommend SignWise to all financial institutions. It is a very convenient tool for everything related to e-signed documents.